The Wunder Gym’s mission seeks to engage, champion and connect the arts and creative communities with its inaugural partnership with Schoolhouse Studios, Collingwood.


The Wunder Gym aims to build its unique program, engaging, championing and connecting the arts and creative communities, in all capacities, forms and mediums to diverse ages, backgrounds and industries.

The Wunder Gym will pursue this by delivering unique programs and establishing collaborative opportunities with aligned partners and philanthropic connections.

Additionally, the Wunder Gym seeks to activate spaces, inspire communities, broaden audiences, engage regional arts communities and support artist and creatives with career development.

It is just the beginning!


Curiosity. The ‘WunderKammer’ was a curated ‘cabinet of curiosity’ that existed in Europe from the 16th to 18th centuries as an early ancestor of the museum. The Wunder Gym, like the WunderKammer before it, is on a creative quest to explore the rational and the irrational with a capricious freedom of arrangement and expression. 

Creativity. Wunder Gym advocates creative confidence.  The education models continues to change and options for short courses are more accessible. The avant-garde Wunder Gym concept aims to deliver the best of both, gallery and positive artistic and creative exploration.

Community. Connection with community, established artists and peers. Instagram is great, but the benefits of real-life connection and interaction far exceed follower likes. It’s an art school community in the real world.

Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way.
— Edward de Bono