The Wunder Gym uses projects to provide a framework for the development of your work with the mentor and theme for the exhibition. Three mentors, three projects, three artworks and three exhibitions, over a three month term.

Projects Set by mentors.

The projects are set by artistic and creative mentors.

The mentors provide recommended resources for members to explore in the creation of their work. This might include reading materials, places to visit or materials to explore.

The mentors also support you and answer any questions about the project or their diverse experience at the Q&A sessions during their mentoring period.

WHY Projects?

Set projects provide constraints that enhance creative ability. They inspire creative solutions within set variables. Like many things, circumstances can force you to be resourceful, and the best solutions come from doing more with less, than less with more!

Innovation happens at the edge of reason, and you can’t reach new ideas by being around the same people. Diversity of projects from established artists with different practices, or creative leaders from varied experiences bring inspired project briefs that you may not have ever considered and will relish in the challenge to solve.

Creativity really does come from unlikely juxtapositions.


The project is the theme members curiously explore.

The project culminates in a piece of artistic & creative work by each member for the project exhibition.

Projects aims to challenge artistic practice & build creative confidence.

Project diversity.

The mentors have enormously diverse backgrounds and experiences, generating diverse projects.

This is your opportunity to benefit from their knowledge and examine new forms, mediums and ideas.

project restrictions.

There are only two project restrictions:

  1. Working within the project theme

  2. An artwork size limit to accommodate all at the exhibition.

Otherwise, your own imagination is the only restriction!

All mediums are encouraged, including mediums like painting, sculpture, print making, and photography. As well as other mediums such as spoken word, performance, music and digital art. This is an opportunity to explore a new medium, or demonstrate your existing style and skill in new applications.

Projects are designed to be a guide, build your creative confidence and get you started. They encourage medium exploration, will help you examine new ideas and benefit problem solving skills.

Please note: Mediums that require specific hanging techniques or equipment we request that you speak with us before you start to ensure it can be displayed as you imagine it.

Creative thinking is not a mystical talent. It is a skill that can be practiced and nurtured.
— Edward de Bono


To ready about our upcoming mentors, which include:

Jacqui Stockdale

Troy Emery

Hannah Mathews

Please go to our Upcoming Mentors page here.