• Interaction with the mentoring established artist via the Wunder Gym community online channels and at a Q&A event that offers feedback and intimate conversation

  • a supportive creative arts community

  • cheaper access to exhibiting; participation in ‘Select’ group shows to build artist’s CV

  • promotion of the event, leveraged by its members and the mentoring artist

  • an opportunity to sell their works

Who can benefit?

  • Emerging and mid-career artists that are stuck and/or wanting a creative community to revisit and discuss their artwork, encouraging growth and expansion in their practice

  • Established artists who are looking for ‘stretch projects’ and exposure to different forms and methods to their own practice. Established artists who are seeking an opportunity to explore and trial new ideas with exhibiting outcomes

  • Arts sector and creative industry professionals who wish to explore their practice for themselves, beyond the job title and sector limitations or client

  • Artists who are struggling with their own internal monologues about being creative and seek a supportive, inclusive community to build resilience and creative confidence

  • Anyone, considered or regarded as an ‘artist’ or not, who wants to use their creative muscle!

Find out if it is suitable for your here.


  • Competitively priced, gain experience exhibiting in three (3) group shows, open to the general public for approx. 8-10 days each exhibition

  • Option to sell work, with 100% of the income earned going directly to the artist

  • Mentoring with an established artist or creative leader

You can’t teach art, but it might help to have really good artists around.
— John Baldessari