How Wunder Gym works in 10 steps: 

  1. Sign up to become a member. 

    Backend process takes 24 hours from processing to confirmation. Then you’ll receive a nice welcome email confirming your membership with access to the members only website & private Slack group.

  2. Join the member online Slack community.

    Introduce yourself to your peer artists & creatives, sharing your IG or website. (Slack is a online group chat BTW)

  3. Receive the established artist or creative mentor project brief & start exploring according to that month’s schedule

  4. You work from your own studio or home.

    This is so your artistic practice fits in with your exisiting life & time commitments. 

  5. Meet the mentor Q&A Event. A mid-month member’s only event.

    Discuss your project, their work, the industry & or your career, with our mentor at Schoolhouse Studios, Courtyard. 

  6. Continue working on your project response in your own studio or home.

    Expect to spend between 2-5 hours per week on your project over a month period. The time you invest, is what you get back from your work.

  7. Continue building as little or as much online Slack contact with your Wudner Gym community.

    Share your artwork before submission if you need more feedback. Again, the time you invest, is what you get back building your creative community.

  8. Submit your final artwork.

    Check when required for hanging in the group exhibition according to that month’s schedule

  9. Group exhibition opening!

    Celebrating your creative confidence the exhibition is opened by our established artist or creative mentor. Bring your friends & family & spread the word.

  10. Promote the group exhibition & sell your work!



In a nutshell, the Wunder Gym is three mentors, three projects, three artworks and three exhibitions, over a three month term.


The Wunder Gym Mentors are diverse. Each mentor creates a project for our members to create a piece of work to, in any form or medium. There are three mentors in a term. You get to meet the mentors in a members only Q&A session and they open the end of project exhibition. Our Q&A events are held at our gallery partner location, Schoolhouse Studio, Collingwood. Read more about our mentors here. 


Based on the mentor project brief, our members use this as reference to respond to and create their piece of work which will be shown at the end of project exhibition. The project brief includes a guideline on the mentor’s topic, including artists to research. Read more about our projects.


There are no restrictions on form or medium for artworks created in response to the mentor projects. As artworks are part of a group show, there is a size limit, to ensure that all artworks feature at the exhibition.  You will also be able to sell your work at the exhibition. Responsibility for the sale, and transaction in full, will be your responsibility. Read more about our artworks and selling your work in our FAQ section


Our exhibitions are held at our gallery partner location, Schoolhouse Studio, Collingwood.  Each mentor set project results in an exhibition of member works generated in response. Each exhibition is opened by the mentor.  Read more about our gallery partner.

Important Dates:

We have made all important dates available to ensure that all potential members are aware of the term dates, including: project release, mentor Q&A events, artwork submission dates, exhibition opening and exhibition run dates. If members are unable to attend a mentor Q&A event, we aim to record these session and make them available on the members only website.  Read more about the important dates.


Our members benefit from a community in real life at Q&A events and exhibition openings, and online via a peer support Slack Group community throughout each term.  Read more about the community benefits.

Sign Up Process:

The Wunder Gym is a start-up, and as such has manual processes. When you sign up and make your payment, your membership will be marked ‘In Progress’ via email notification. When payment is cleared within 24-48 hrs, pending which method you choose, your membership will be completed and invoice and member only login page details will be email to you.  Read more about the types of memberships.

Members Only Website:

On themember only login page you will find all of the term resources you need. Access to the Slack Group and projects, when they are released. As a member, you will also receive email prompts and reminders throughout the term.  Read more about members.