The Wunder Gym Whys.

That’s me with Melissa Logan from Chicks on Speed when they preformed at National Gallery of Victoria a few years ago. Thought I should introduce myself officially. Look at my expression! I’m elated. Clearly more excited than Melissa Logan. Or is that fandom? Not sure, don’t care. I was revelling in her passionate display of their performance art. I have hundreds of images of myself experiencing art and creative work where my expression is the same. Sheer joy and one of the many reasons why I love art.

I conceived and designed the Wunder Gym program for several reasons. Primarily to fulfil a search to fill a few ‘why’ gaps for my own artistic and creative practice. Through many conversations however, it was clear that a similar search and ‘whys’ were being pursued by others for their artistic and creative practice as well. 

Here is a list of why the Wunder Gym was conceived:

  • A search for a supportive, experimental and creative environment, similar to an art school, without the HECS debt, grades and in the real world.

  • A search for affordable exhibiting opportunities in a reputable gallery, without install/deinstall, promotion and sitting responsibilities of the exhibition as well.

  • A search for a creative community to build creative confidence by participating in regular group shows.

  • A search for return on investment, developing artworks that can be sold and 100% of the profits direct to artist.

  • A search for creative mentors, from diverse backgrounds, that extend creative practice and offer insights and advice through Q&A opportunities.

  • A search to participate in a community that encouraged, supported and championed the arts and creativity in all capacities, forms and mediums to diverse ages, backgrounds and industries.

In response to these whys, I wanted to ensure that the Wunder Gym’s aim was to provide participants with an accessible and inexpensive pathway to continue their practice. Through memberships, the Wunder Gym aims to foster creative community and learning while providing gallery exposure and connection to other artists and broader audiences. It is a place conducive to experimentation and self-exploration through doing and participating in the creative community. 

Perhaps the Wunder Gym responds to your whys too? Possibly fulfil your artistic and creative practice search and bring some sheer joy to your face as well! 

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